Israel is Truly A Villainous

By: Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim Head of MUI for Foreign Relations and International Cooperation

The acts of violence and attacks carried out by the Zionist Jewish authorities against Muslim congregations and Muslimat worship at the Aqsa Mosque are truly shameful.

This action further convinces us all that this Israel is indeed being led by criminals against humanity and uncivilized. Only criminals do such acts because they do not have common sense and conscience.

Like what was done at the end of Ramadan last year, the Israeli Zionist apparatus has insulted and humiliated the place of worship of the Al-Aqsa Mosque which should be protected, damaged the religious atmosphere, carried out acts of violence against Muslims who were carrying out worship and at the same time damaged, trampled and destroyed humanity.

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All these exponential crimes cannot be accepted by common sense and conscience, are against the teachings of any religion, and violate the law, including international law. Indonesian Muslims in particular condemn the brutal actions of the Israeli apparatus.

All of these actions should be more aware to any country, especially those that have diplomatic relations with Israel:

First, to review cooperation and diplomatic relations with Israel. Second, to take definite steps against Israel in various ways that can be done so that Israel completely stops the ignorance or crimes that are continuously being carried out against Palestinians. Third, to raise awareness that Israel is indeed a country that cannot be trusted.

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As the MUI has said, serious steps are needed to be taken by any element of society to boycott Israel and bring Israel to the International Court of Justice and impose international sanctions on Israel.

The United States, which has been providing support to Israel, should have changed its perspective so that it can act more fairly and truly defend humanity. President Joe Bidden’s promise when he was inaugurated as President to “stop evil” should really be kept, not just lip service to please Muslims for a while.

Israel is really doing evil and because of that the United States must show its will and ability to stop Israel’s brutality.

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For Muslims and Indonesians in general, I hope to participate in taking positive steps to defend the Palestinian people, people and nation from Israeli oppression and brutality. (AK/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)