Israel Holds Massive Military Exercises in Gaza Strip

Gaza, MINA – Israeli occupation army since Sunday has held a large-scale military exercise for four days, in occupied southern Palestine, concentrated in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli occupation spokesman Hoda Zilber said the exercise was designed to prepare for a battle scenario in the Gaza Strip with the fighters, especially as a result of recent rocket attacks.

“The exercises will continue until Wednesday, where the troops will train in several combat scenarios,” he said as quoted by the Shehab News Agency.

Zilber said it was the fifth maneuver in a series of Testing Staff exercises to check the Southern Brigade’s maneuver preparations.

The exercise was carried out in light of the tense situation in the Gaza Strip, after the occupation army announced that a missile had fallen last night in an open area in Ashkelon, successfully damaging a building.

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Another source, the Palestinian Information Center, reported that after the attack, the occupation troops targeted five military posts and an observation post belonging to the Al-Qassam brigade.

“Nobody was injured in Israeli air strikes on the target, only material damage,” the source said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)