Israel Estimates Hamas to Carry Out Surprise Attack on Gaza Border 

Photo: M Shaaban/MINA

Gaza, MINA – The Hebrew newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, reported on Friday evening that the Hamas movement may carry out a major offensive operation on the borders of the Gaza Strip, to kidnap Israeli soldiers.

The military correspondent of Yoav Zeitoun newspaper quoted a senior security source in the Southern Command of the occupation army as saying, “The army’s assessments indicate that Hamas are preparing to carry out an offensive operation on the Gaza borders, despite the current state of calm, which is witnessing the worst situation under the siege on Gaza since 14 years old.”

The security source added that this comes based on his vision and reading of the exercises that Hamas recently conducted, which focused on infiltration and storming Israeli occupation sites, with the aim of killing a number of soldiers and kidnapping one or two to complete a new prisoner exchange deal.

He pointed out that in the military maneuvers and exercises conducted by Hamas, a new long-range and high-accuracy missile was tested, which the Qassam Brigades named “Bassem” after the commander of the Gaza Brigade, Basem Issa, was martyred in the last war on the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that Hamas will provide the elite units with all the necessary capabilities to achieve a military and moral achievement.

He noted that “Hamas is following up on the exercises recently conducted by the Southern Command, which included the formation of combat units equipped with armored vehicles and capabilities that help them to immediately deal with any event by establishing fortified and hidden positions among the grass and trees and behind mounds without anyone being able to see them.”

He continued, “It will also be joined by special units, in the event of a state of emergency, to set up secret ambushes on the front lines to thwart Israeli attempts to launch anti-armor missiles.”

The Israeli security source explained that despite the erection of the obstacle (Israeli apartheid wall), which represents a huge engineering project, there is a possibility to penetrate it through the establishment of a high dirt hill or a relatively comfortable means of climbing the wall, especially in the area between Kissufim and Khan Yunis, or by placing a medium-sized package at a sensitive point to open a gap. Thus elite units will be able to infiltrate and storm military sites after they exited one of the tunnels adjacent to the border, whether they were at a distance of 800 meters or in the center of Gaza.

The Israeli military correspondent of Yoav Zeitoun, said that Hamas had several opportunities and justifications to carry out an attack against the Israeli forces on the border, but it preferred to wait, which means that it might choose an appropriate time to attack the barrier wall’s maintenance crews and the military forces accompanying them.

He revealed the status of tension between the leadership of the southern region and the leadership of the Prisons Authority, based on the realization that “the tension inside the prisons will affect the scene in front of Gaza.”

In the same context, he indicated that the army is trying to persuade the political level to increase the number of work permits for Gaza residents to work in “Israel” to achieve several goals, including reducing the state of tension and the possibility of using it as a pressure card against Hamas in the event of an escalation.  In addition, it increases the possibility of exploiting thousands of Gazan workers to obtain security information about the situation inside Gaxa .and an attempt to recruit some of them to work with the Shin Bet.

It is worth noting that Hamas still retains four Israelis, including two soldiers who were captured during the war on Gaza in the summer of 2014. As for the other two, they entered Gaza in unclear circumstances, and the movement did not disclose any information about them, and Hamas linked their fate to the liberation of prisoners inside the prisons of the occupation. .

It is worth noting that Hamas still holds four Israelis, including two soldiers who were captured during the war on Gaza in the summer of 2014. As for the other two soldiers, they entered Gaza in mysterious circumstances, and the movement did not disclose any information about them. However, Hamas linked their fate to the liberation of Palestinian detainees inside the occupation jails. (LKG/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)