Indonesian Ulema Pushes Limitation of UN Veto Right to Support Palestine

Jakarta, MINA – Chairman of the MUI for Foreign Relations and International Cooperation, Buya Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim, said that the fate of Palestine is always difficult, one of which is the United States’ veto at the United Nations. The closeness of the United States and Israel makes the agreement of the majority of countries useless if Uncle Sam’s country has used its veto power.

Sudarnoto suggested that the veto power at the United Nations be limited so that a complicated problem for years like Palestine can be quickly resolved.

“The United States’ veto at the United Nations has become one of the sources of problems so that the fate of the Palestinian people is getting heavier. In addition to Israel’s continuous invasion of Palestine, efforts to divide the Middle East are also carried out involving America,” he said, during a virtual “Year-End Reflection and Palestine Solidarity Day” discussion on Thursday virtually.

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According to him, America’s positive changes through its veto power provide important changes in the United Nations. The change of veto makes the United Nations more empowered to resolve Middle East conflicts. One of them is to push Palestine as a sovereign state.

“MUI in various seminars and international meetings always encourages democratization within the UN. One of them is reviewing and limiting veto power. The veto is impossible to remove but it can be made more flexible. So, it is hoped that it can help resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” he said in the discussion entitled “The Current Situation of the Islamic World and Its Prospects”.

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The election of Joe Biden as the new President of America, continued Sudarnoto, seemed to bring fresh air to the fate of Palestine. Biden gave a positive political gesture to Muslims at the beginning of his presidency. MUI even had time to send an official letter to Joe Biden through the American Embassy to Indonesia in Jakarta.

“The MUI once hoped for Joe Biden to change America’s perspective for a more progressive and humanist world. Although until now there has been no encouraging sign,” he said.

The academician of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta sees that the Palestinian condition has not changed much. The election of the new President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, although giving hope but there is no real evidence. Sudarnoto assessed that there is a tendency for Israel to extend its imperialistic spirit towards Palestine.


MUI, he added, will continue to encourage and accompany the government in establishing a free and active politics. MUI also wants to be a peacemaker to find solutions to conflicts such as Israel and Palestine.

“MUI strives to continuously optimize its role as a good role model. So that it provides protection for Muslims and international humanity,” he said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)