Indonesian Islamic Organizations Held Peaceful Action in front of US Embassy in Jakarta

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Coalition Defending Baitul Maqdis (KIBBM) together with 20 organizations focused on Palestine held the Defending Al-Quds Action in front of the United States Embassy on Merdeka Selatan Street, Jakarta on Friday.

The action was held to voice rejection of Trump’s peace proposal called the “Deal of the Century” announced by US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on January 28.

“Today we declare rejecting Trump’s proposal and we will invite the government, authorities and elements of the Indonesian people to reject it entirely. Muslims or Christians or others, we invite all of us come on. We reject Trump’s proposal and we release Baitul Maqdis from Jewish Zionists, ” said Action Chairman Ahmad Isrofiel Mardatillah.

He stressed,m all NGOs and Indonesian people rejected the Trump proposal. “That is not their land, that is land on which there is a mosque, there is a house of God and this land is not theirs,” he said.

“Alhamdulillah, today there have been 20 NGOs joining Palestine who are members of the KIBBM, in 2018 and we have already made at Monas, and God willing this will also happen the same thing at the end of March on March 21,” he said .

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On this occasion issued a statement on the attitude of the Indonesian Coalition of Defending Baitul Maqdis (KIBBM):

President Trump’s proposed project called Deal of the Century is a lie in the name of an agreement and conspiracy between Israeli occupiers and Donald Trump.

Among the crucial points that disturb the peace is Trump’s offer to buy the city of Al Quds or Baitul Maqdis for 50 billion US dollars, then give the whole to Israel to be the capital.

In addition, Trump’s proposal will also remove the right of return for six million Palestinian refugees to their homeland.

So we hereby KIBBM represent the elements of the Indonesian people, stating:

First, the attitude of silence and let the colonial problems that occurred in Palestine, contrary to national identity and violate the mandate of the Opening of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia.

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Then it is a national obligation, for every element of the nation both in all government institutions and the people, to show solidarity with the struggle for the full rights of Palestinian independence.

Second, what the American President and Israeli Prime Minister have done is a violation of human rights and defiance of peace efforts by various international institutions supported by the majority of the world’s countries, such as the United Nations, the OIC and others.

Moreover, the attitude of ignoring Palestinian independence is contrary to the mandate of the 1955 Asian-African Conference in Bandung.

Third, Appreciating the attitude of the Indonesian Government in the OIC Forum and urging the Indonesian government to be even more assertive in defending Palestinian independence and against efforts to undermine world peace by Trump and Israel.

Even Indonesia must become the center of Palestinian struggle in the Southeast Asian Region, because it is related to its position as the leader of ASEAN and the largest Muslim country in the World.

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Fourth, it is not appropriate for US President Trump, Israel and its allies to speak of peace while the violations of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian Territories and Gaza blockade are not stopped, as there was no essential peace before the right of returning six million Palestinian refugees was realized, by returning to their homeland.

Fifth, condemning all forms of normalization of relations with Israel in all aspects, because it is a support for crime, violations, and occupation of Israel and betrayed the struggle of the Palestinian people who guard the holy sites there.

Sixth, calling on various elements of government and society both institutions and figures, to put aside various disputes and stand in a line to defend Palestine for independence with the capital of Al-Quds. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)