Indonesian AWG: Demolitions of Palestinian Settlements Real Crimes

Bogor, MINA – General Chairman of the Indonesian humanitarian NGO, Aqsa Working Group (AWG) Agus Sudarmaji said in a statement on Tuesday 23 July, that the destruction of Israel military bulldozers against Palestinian settlements was a real crime.

The statement is regarding the demolitions of Palestinian residents in the Sur Baher and Wadi Al Hummus settlements in Al-Quds Palestine, Monday 22 July.

Hundreds of Israeli military destroyed 16 buildings covering more than 100 apartments and brutally expel thousands of residents.

Responding to the Israel military crime, AWG statement as follows:

1. We strongly condemn the Israeli military tyrannical actions which so violate international law, various UN Resolutions on Palestine, especially number 2334 and ignore the appeal of the citizens of the world so that there are no more evictions and expulsion of Palestinians from the land and residences which they have legally

2. The reason for the Israeli destruction was because the Palestinian settlements were too close to the barrier wall built by Israel was a pretense that was made up and had to be rejected for the sake of peace for all.

3. Israel’s actions destroyed many Palestinian settlements as well as countless public facilities and places of worship since the beginning of colonialism and continue to occur repeatedly is a reflection of the culture of impunity in which Israel feels immune to the law and no one is able to stop the crime. The culture of impunity which is the beginning of various crimes and violations of human rights must be stopped. Therefore we urge all citizens of the world to take concrete action to stop the Israeli crime which not only causes suffering for Palestinians, it is also dangerous for world peace.

4. Furthermore, we also urge the citizens of the world, especially countries that care about law enforcement, peace and respect for human rights to immediately take humanitarian action to save hundreds of Palestinians who suddenly become homeless because they lost their homes and all their property.

5. To the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, we urge to carry out its functions and responsibilities as non-permanent members of the UN Security Council and leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement to take concrete initiatives to pressure Israel to stop its crimes and their legal owners.

6. To the displaced Palestinians, we invite you all to be patient and continue the struggle to demand the rights that are protected not only by international law but more than that ordered by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

7. To all Muslims everywhere, we urge to remain focused on following, paying attention and defending the rights of fellow Muslims who are oppressed in Palestine and participating in taking concrete actions in helping them and incessantly praying for the salvation of all Muslims in the world. (T/Ais/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)