Indonesia to Become the Main Destination for World Muslim-Friendly Tourism

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesia with the largest Muslim population in the world has the potential to become the main destination for world Muslim-friendly tourism.

Unfortunately, Indonesia’s position in Muslim Friendly Tourism (WRM) is still less popular than other Muslim-majority countries.

In fact, Indonesia has become a target market for Muslim Friendly Tourism for Muslim and non-Muslim countries in the world. This is evident from the increasing promotion of Muslim friendly tourism by foreign operators aimed at Indonesian tourists traveling abroad.

Meanwhile, Indonesia still has a minimum number of WRM packages to be offered abroad so that there are not many foreign Muslim tourists visiting Indonesia.

Therefore, it is necessary to build a unity of views and real actions that are synergistic by all elements in building a tourism ecosystem to develop the Indonesian Muslim Friendly Tourism industry.

Chairman of the Indonesian Tourism Scholars Association Prof. .Azril Azahari, PhD, sees the need for community participation and the support of the government to form a special body that focuses on dealing with WRM development in Indonesia.

“Now is the right moment to form a special agency to handle the development of Muslim Friendly Tourism. MUI, especially the two major Islamic organizations such as Muhamadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama, are expected to initiate the formation of this agency, “Azril told MINA News Agency on Thursday.

In addition, he continued, the formation of this agency is very important to formulate standardization and ranking for Muslim-friendly tourism destinations and services, so that it becomes the basis for the development of WRM in Indonesia.

Azril argues that the concept of Muslim Friendly Tourism is a niche for Muslim tourists by providing extended services or additional services needed by Muslim tourists that are not found in conventional tourism.

According to him, there are many perceptual debates regarding the term that the term Halal Tourism makes Islamic accommodation, then Muslim Tourism or Sharia Tourism is Islamic law that must be enforced in all places.

“But actually Muslim Friendly Tourism is a new market niche or a new market segment that we need to take by providing quality services or services needed by Muslim tourists. The most important thing is how we provide services to Muslim tourists who come so that they feel comfortable, ”said Azril.

He said Muslim Friendly Tourism (WRM) which is also known as Muslim Friendly Tourism (MFT) which is concentrated in OIC countries is naturally considered to have a comparative advantage in an environment that is more friendly to Muslim international tourists and even non-Muslim universally. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)