Indonesia-Russia Support Two-State Solution to the Palestine-Israel Issue

Jakarta, MINA – Mohammad Wahid Supriyadi, who recently ended his duties as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia (Ambassador LBBP RI) to the Russian Federation concurrently the Republic of Belarus said that Russia has the same foreign policy as Indonesia in addressing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by supporting the principle of a two state solution.

“Russia supports Palestine with a two-state solution, besides that it also has the principle of not interfering in the domestic affairs of other countries, look at Syria, Russia entered Syria at Syria’s request not on its initiative, in contrast to the United States,” Wahid said in a special interview with the MINA team in Jakarta in the Ambassador Talks program on Saturday.

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He emphasized Russia’s role in the Syrian conflict which was so intensively assisting the Syrian government from the ISIS attack.

“If Russia did not enter Syria, Syria could have been attacked by ISIS,” Wahid, who served as Indonesian Ambassador to Russia from 2016 to 2020 said.

Wahid continued, Russia, which has now become a federation state, often bridges international political issues such as Syria, Palestine, along with what is being done by Indonesia.

“Russia is currently actively participating in maintaining the geopolitical stability of its region, especially that Islam is the second largest religion practiced by the Russian people and continues to grow rapidly,” he concluded.

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Ambassador Mohamad Wahid Supriyadi began his tenure as Ambassador in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus from April 2016 until the end of his assignment in June 2020.

The real results of the implementation of economic diplomacy at the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow under the leadership of Ambassador Wahid are reflected, among others, in the increase in the number of Russian tourist visits to Indonesia, which reached almost 100% from 2016 to 2019.

Meanwhile, Indonesian export products to Russia have experienced an increase in quality with the inclusion of several beauty equipment or machines and ships made by Indonesian companies in Banyuwangi into Indonesian export items to Russia.


He is the initiator of many events aimed at expanding relations between Indonesia and Russia, including four large-scale festivals of Indonesian culture and a business forum in Russia. (L/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)