Indonesia Hospital in Gaza Receives 130 Beds

Medical equipment in the form of patient beds for the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza arrived. (Doc. MER-C)

Gaza, MINA – A total of 130 beds for patients by the end of December 2021 arrived at the Indonesia Hospital located in Bayt Lahiya, North Gaza, Palestine.

The procurement of medical equipment for the additional two floors of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza continues.

“Alhamdulillah, we received news from MER-C (Medical Emergency Rescue Committee) volunteers in the Gaza Strip that 130 patient beds have finally arrived at the Indonesia Hospital,” said dr. Arief Rachman, SpRad, the medical equipment procurement team at the Indonesian Hospital in a written statement received by MINA on Tuesday.

With the arrival of these 130 patient beds, the procurement of medical equipment for phase two for two additional floors at the Indonesia Hospital in Gaza is almost complete.

“It’s almost complete, just waiting for the mattress,” added Arief, a medical volunteer for MER-C who is also a member of the MER-C Presidium.

MER-C as an emergency humanitarian agency that initiated the Indonesia Hospital in Gaza, has been consistent in supporting the struggle of the Palestinians who are supported by the Indonesian government by providing facilities in the medical field from donations from Indonesian citizens.

Arief explained that the arrival of the second phase of medical equipment at the Indonesia Hospital in Gaza was delayed from the expected schedule.

“The arrival of medical devices is very behind the schedule promised by the suppliers. We ordered all medical devices from February to March 2021. The delivery time for the tools should be around 1-3 months after ordering,” explained Arief.

However, the prolonged blockade on Gaza, exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic, has delayed the arrival of almost all medical devices by three to six months.

Arief said that some medical devices have been installed at the Indonesia Hospital. According to him, this process will continue to be pursued and simultaneously joint checks will be carried out in stages for all items of medical equipment between MER-C representatives, the management of the Indonesian Hospital and the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

According to him, the Ministry of Health has also urged that the two additional floors of the Indonesian Hospital along with the existing medical equipment can be handed over.

“The Ministry hopes that the two additional floors of the Indonesian Hospital can be handed over to be opened soon, because they really need a room to accommodate patients who have already exceeded capacity,” said Arief.

The second phase of construction to build two additional floors at the Indonesia Hospital in Gaza Strip, Palestine has begun since early 2019. Construction was completed in mid-2020, which was then followed by the procurement of medical equipment.

With the completion of the second phase of construction, the Indonesian Hospital building currently consists of 4 floors and 1 basement floor, with a total capacity of 230 beds. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)