Indonesia Extends Activity Restrictions Until August 9

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian government has decided to extend the period of Level 4 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) until August 9.

Initially, the government implemented Emergency PPKM from 3-20 July when the spike in cases started to occur. Extended with the term PPKM Level 4 on 20-25 July. PPKM Level 4 was extended until August 2. However, it has now been extended by the government.

“The government has decided to continue implementing PPKM Level 4 from August 3-9 in several districts/cities,” said President Joko Widodo in a press conference via the Presidential Secretariat Youtube channel on Monday night.

PPKM Level 4 is the government’s policy in tackling the surge in Covid-19 cases in Indonesia. Various restrictions are applied in many sectors. Not a few roads are also closed to suppress community mobility.

In an effort to suppress the surge in Covid-19 cases, Jokowi announced that PPKM Level 4 will take effect on July 22-August 2, 2021. This policy is a continuation of the Emergency PPKM which will take effect from July 3 to July 20, 2021.

During PPKM Level 4, the government provided a number of easing. For example, food stalls that are in the open may accept diners eating and drinking on the premises, but dining time is limited to a maximum of 20 minutes.

On the last day of PPKM Level 4 on Monday, there were an additional 22,404 new cases of Covid-19. Thus, the total number of Covid-19 cases is approaching 3.5 million or 3,462,800 to be precise.

Meanwhile, recovered patients rose by 32,807 (total 2,842,345) and death cases increased by 1,568 (total 97,291). (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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