Imaam Yakhsyallah: Genocide in Gaza Is Proof of Israel’s Failure

Main Advisor of the Aqsa Working Group, Imaam Yakhsyallah Mansur. [Photo: MINA]

Jakarta, MINA – The main supervisor of the Palestinian institution, Aqsa Working Group (AWG), Imaam Yakhsyallah Mansur assesses that the loss of thousands of civilian victims in Gaza due to the Israeli genocide is proof of the failure of the Zionist entity.

According to Imaam Yakhsyallah, if what is happening in Palestine is a war, then the casualties between the two sides should be from the military.

But in fact, said Yakhsyallah, very few Palestinian fighters died, while the number of Zionist Israeli soldiers who died reached hundreds, even thousands.

Meanwhile, the number of civilians who were martyred in Palestine was 35,984 people, starting from 7 October 2023 to 26 May 2024 according to data from the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

“Because the war is the military, the victims should be from the military. But there were very few or almost no military casualties on the part of Palestinian fighters. In fact, many of the victims were civilians, so this was Israel’s defeat, because the civilians were not armed so they could not retaliate. So this is a Zionist defeat, a Jewish defeat. “Their victory is just a lie,” said Yakhsyallah on Tuesday.

“The attacks that they (Israel have carried out) have actually shown a failure. We can see this, many of the Zionist military themselves do not agree with their war in Gaza, they say this is a war without a purpose, then some of them also withdraw from the war or desert, resign from their positions. “So actually this is a defeat for the Zionists,” he stressed.

Imaam Yakhsyallah said that previously the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that he would finish Gaza in seven days.

“But even more than seven months, Gaza remains strong and many reprisals have been carried out by Jewish enemies, starting from Yemen, Lebanon and Hamas. Their rockets even reached Tel Aviv. “This is a Zionist failure,” he said.

Apart from the Zionist military failure, Imaam Yakhsyallah said that the genocide in Gaza was also a political failure.

“The loss of many civilian victims is a military defeat for the Israeli Zionists and their political defeat because within Israel itself there is division about this attack, some are asking for an immediate ceasefire, some want the war to continue, even the families of the hostages are demanding that Netanyahu step down so that the genocide in Gaza can be immediate finished,” he explained.

Israel’s latest attack on Rafah on Sunday killed at least 45 people. Palestinian medics said “many” other people were trapped in the burning rubble.

Previously, Hamas fighters said they had successfully launched a rocket attack on the Tel Aviv area in central Israel for the first time in almost four months on Sunday.

At least eight rockets were launched from the Rafah area in southern Gaza, the Israeli military said, claiming that some of them were intercepted. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)