Harvard Student Walkout at Public Lecture the Israeli Consul

Cambridge, MINA – A consul from the Israeli Embassy to the United Nations Danny Danon was very surprised when at least one hundred students held a Walkout when he delivered a lecture at Harvard Law School in the United States (US) on Wednesday (13/11).

Just as Danon would begin his lecture on the “the Legal Strategy of Israeli Settlement ” Palestinian students who had filled the standing lecture hall, held up placards reading “Settlement is war crime” and walked out of the room, MEMO reported.

It was reported to have made a significant impact on Danon when he was heard muttering “I remember doing this in kindergarten” while the auditorium was empty. He was then allowed to continue his speech to several participants who were still there.

The impact of the incident produced a spark of awareness on this issue and made a huge impression.

One of the protest organizers, Samer Hjouj, told the UK-based Middle East media that “In order for 100 people to stand up at once and quietly, truly leave an impact.”

Hjouj detailed the process in which he said, “As soon as we found out about the event, we planned and it took a lot of time but we have teams in every school at Harvard, looking for people to help us make it happen.”

This is not the first time an invitation by Israeli officials or pro-Israeli leaders to events at the university has been condemned by students and activists. With some facing protests like that accusing demonstrators of oppressing free speech.

In May last year, former US ambassador to Israel who was very pro-Israel Nikki Haley addressed the University of Houston, interrupted by protesters who shouted, “Nikki Haley, blood is in your hands!”

Although Israel built Jewish settlements in Palestinian territory that violated international law and was also considered a war crime, these settlements continue to be built and expanded, with around 650,000 Israelis currently living in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The illegal settlements sacrifice homes, villages and the entire neighbourhoods being either evacuated and occupied or destroyed and replaced, leaving the legal owner. (T/Ast/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)