Gaza Faces Crisis of Water, Electricity Amidst the Israeli Attacks

Photo: AP

Gaza, MINA – The residents of the Gaza Strip are experiencing a shortage of clean water and an electricity crisis amid the deadly onslaught of Israeli troops that continues until Tuesday.

Gaza City Mayor Yahya Al-Sarraj said essential services had been significantly reduced in recent days due to limited resources and damage to roads, power lines and water pipes due to Israeli attacks.

“The only desalination plant in Gaza City has stopped functioning as a result of Israeli bombardment in the surrounding area and the inability of workers to reach it,” said Sarraj as quoted as saying by Arab News.

He said Israel was deliberately targeting infrastructure and destroying major roads, including access to Al-Shifa Hospital

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Meanwhile, Gaza resident Ziad Sheikh Khalil, 44, provides lighting for the house he shares with his wife and four children by charging the battery for several hours of available electricity.

“We get electricity three hours a day,” he said.

“When the electricity is on, all family members work quickly to charge cellphones, operate the washing machine and pump water into the tank at the top of the building,” he said.

The Gaza Strip has experienced a severe power crisis for years, but in recent days it has worsened due to a lack of fuel and damage to 10 power lines originating from Israel.

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According to a spokesman for the Gaza Electricity Distribution Company, six out of 10 Gaza’s electricity lines were cut off and supplies have more than halved, according to Mohammed Thabet.

“There are several border areas that have completely cut off electricity,” he said.

The repair crew was unable to repair the power lines due to threats of further Israeli attacks.

The closure of the Kerem Abu Salem crossing also reduced fuel supplies for the Gaza Strip’s only power plant. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)