Friday Prayer at Prophet’s Mosque in Medina

Friday Prayer at Prophet's Mosque in Medina (photo special)

Medina, MINA – Imam of the Prophet Mosque in Medina Shaykh Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Al-Ba’ijan reminds in the Friday sermon, so that Muslims do the best obedience and good in the month of Ramadan.

Let us do our best deeds to God, so that we obtain the satisfaction of his soul and good pleasure,” he said, as quoted from Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Saturday, May 2.

“Allah is the Most Good, Most Richest and will give the best for His servants who have the best deeds. Later, those who are chosen with their best practices in this month of Ramadan will get a reward on the Day of Resurrection, escape the fires of hell, and enter heaven with victory. “

“O fasting people, may Allah accept our obedience, improve our conditions, and reconcile us for the rest of this month of Ramadan. Ramadan for us Muslims is a month of worship and repentance, “he continued.

He stressed that acceptable fasting has an effect on increasing faith, purifying the soul, piety and sincerity.

In front of limited worshipers, Shaykh Al-Ba’ijan also stressed, Ramadan is the month of the Quran. So, those who fast should try to use the time to read it, understand its contents and cultivate it as a foundation for daily amaliyah (good deeds).

“Al-Quran is medicine and mercy for believers. So, who wants to find an antidote, especially for the soul, is in the Quran. Because of that, fill our houses with Al-Quran recitations on Ramadan days, “he added.

He also reminded to continue to maintain the evening prayer or taraweeh even at home during the current outbreak.

“With this evening prayer the believers are in the closest position to Allah. Then, God will easily answer the prayers of His closest servants, that is, they prostrate a lot during the nights of Ramadan. So that he will be easier to get Laylat al-Qadr, one night the reward is better than a thousand months, “he continued.  (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)