Dubai Campaign Sterilizes of 800 Mosques to Prevent Covid-19

Dubai, MINA – Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai, Qatar launched a campaign to sterilize 800 mosques in Dubai.

The step was taken as part of preventive measures to ensure public health and safety in the midst of coronavrus pandemic outbreak or Covid-19.

The Executive Director of Mosque Affairs Sector, Mohammed Ali bin Zayed Al-Fambat, said this step was part of a disinfection operation carried out by the Department from April 1 to 11 using the best products in its class.

“Sterilization and disinfection efforts are part of the National Sterilization Program, which seeks to restrain the spread of Covid-19 in collaboration with relevant authorities,” he said as quoted from Gulf News on Tuesday.

Al Fambat continued the campaign was carried out in collaboration with three specialized accredited companies that use sophisticated equipment and environmentally friendly products. He said the sterilization program included 200 mosques.

Al-Fambat appreciates the partnership established between various authorities and community members, which has made this sterilization process effective.

The Islamic Affairs Department will sterilize 63 other mosques from April 7-8 according to the agreed plan. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)