Jakarta, 16 Jumadil Akhir 1435/ 16 April 2014 (MINA) – A Korean new Muslim converter, Dr Ali An Sun Geun, MA launched a book antitled “ Carilah Ilmu ke Negeri Korea” (find out the knowledge to the land of Korea”  Wednesday (16/4) in the Indonesia cpital Jakarta.

Sun Geun quoted a Prophet Mohamad’s hadith  which Stated “ find out the knowledge to the land of Korea.”  He claimed the land of Korea incleded China’s terrirotial as mentioned in the hadith.

He said, Korea has a lot of things that can be learned by Muslims, particularly  indonesians. “Korea is well known of their cultural richness, disciplint and highly work ethic. Muslims also need to learn how the Koreans build their civilication which now many youngsters imitate the lifestyle,” he added.

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In his “Indonesian version” book, Sun Geun stated that Korea has many similarities with Indonesian cultural  . “ As the nation’s East, Indonesia and Korea have a lot in common, from the habits of its people, to a range of cultural,” he added.

Currently, Korea is one of the countries in East Asia that are actively promoting Islamic tour program.

Nowadays, Sun Geun actively guides the Korean expats (foreign workers) who re staying in Indonesia. He is also developing bilateral relations between Indonesia and  the Gingseng country.

Ali An Sun Geun is a Muslim. He was born in Seoul, 28 February 1964. His curiosity about islam has brought him to indonesia. He became  Muslim in 1979 when he was still a high school student. Sun Geun was being fascinated by the beauty of adzan (Muslim call prayer) from a musalla (small mosque) not so far from his home in the District of  Kwangju,  45 kilometers from Seoul. Sun geun completed his master and doctoral degrees in Indonesia, taking Islamic studies department.

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Sun Geun is now becomes one of a spokesman for for the Government of South Korea. He is also as consultant for the prospective Korean investors if they want to know more information about Indonesia.

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