Central Sulawesi Regional Government to Build Memorial Park in Petobo


Petobo, Central Sulawesi, MINA —  The Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola has said that a memorial park will be built in Petobo. This is a reminder of the liquefaction that sank the region.

Longki also stressed the prohibition for residents of Central Sulawesi to rebuild buildings in Petobo.

“That (Petobo) is made into a memorial park, so it will be made like a memorial park and it is no longer justified to build a building there,” Longki said while attending the inauguration of the National Hospital Amil Zakat Agency in Sigi District on Thursday (8 / 11).

“So, later, we will write a number of dead bodies there,” he said.

Longki also promised relocation for residents who lost their homes and land in Petobo. Later residents will be moved according to their respective domiciles.

“So if they are from Sigi, they will also be placed in Sigi, if from Palu, they will be placed in Palu, he explained.

Until now, Petobo has been closely guarded by the security forces, considering the ongoing process of land leveling by the officers.

Even so, there are still many local residents who are desperate to enter, both saving the remaining items there, to just traveling and capturing photos.   (T/Sj/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)