Brazilian Parliament Holds Special Session on Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Brazilian Parliament Holds Special Session on Solidarity with the Palestinian People (photo: Quds Press)

Brasilia, MINA – The Brazilian Parliament held a special solidarity session for the Palestinian people, in commemoration of International Solidarity Day for Palestine on Tuesday.

The special session parliamentary session was attended by a number of members of Parliament, the Senate, and representatives from various Brazilian parties, the Palestinian ambassador to Brasilia, Ibrahim Al-Zaben, a number of Arab and Latin ambassadors, as well as representatives of the Palestinian and Arab communities, Quds Press reported.

In their statement, participants stated that the crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people are still ongoing, including expropriation, construction of illegal settlements, confiscation of hundreds of hectares of land, and demolition of houses.

The leader of the Brazilian Labor Party, Paulo Pimenta said in his speech, “we want to emphasize our commitment to the Palestinian cause.”

Pimenta emphasized that the Palestinian people have the right to live on all their land, and to enjoy all their rights.

“We need to raise our voice every day and condemn the persecution and massacres that the Israeli occupation is carrying out against the Palestinian people,” he stressed.

“Brazil with its new president, Lula da Silva, has returned to influence the international arena and will play an important role in the Middle East,” he continued.

Senator Omar Aziz said, “Some of you may not know that I am a son of Palestinian descent, who came to Brazil, and still have relatives there who are suffering from the occupation.”

Aziz added, “I saw my father suffer all his life because of the atrocities that the occupation has committed against the Palestinian people.”

“The Palestinian people actually do not want war, but peace that gives them the right to live in their own land freely,” he said.

Brazil’s president of left-wing leaders, Lula da Silva, known for his support for the Palestinian cause, won the Brazilian presidency for a third time, last October. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)