Biden to End Restrictions on Immigration, Including Muslims

Washington, MINA – United States President-elect Joe Biden will sign several executive orders on his Inauguration Day on the ashes of January 20.

Government Chief of Staff Ron Klain said that during his administration, Biden would end restrictions on immigration to the United States, including for several Muslim-majority countries. Thus Al Arabiya reported on Sunday.

“Apart from that, Biden will tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, tackle the falling US economy, climate change, and racial injustice,” he said.

Klain confirmed that in his first ten days in office, Biden would take firm action to overcome the crisis, thus restoring US’s position in the world.

“All of these crises demand immediate action,” he stressed.

Then the case of Covid-19, the US is rapidly approaching 400,000 deaths and recorded in a week more than one million new cases due to the coronavirus spreading out of control.

The US economy is in decline, with few jobs available, businesses, and consumers are struggling to survive.

Biden this week announced a US $ 1.9 trillion funding plan to revive the economy through new stimulus payments and other assistance, and plans to immediately speed up the availability of a Covid-19 vaccine in America.

Then, the US will rejoin the Paris climate agreement.

Biden will also provide direction to accelerate the reunification of separated families on the United States-Mexico border, which is happening under Trump’s policies. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)