Beware of Israel’s “Independence Day”

By: Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim, Head of MUI for Foreign Relations and International Cooperation

The upcoming 14th of May is an important day for Israeli Zionism, namely the anniversary of Israel’s independence along with the massive expulsion of Palestinian Arabs on 15 May 1948.

It is estimated that there are 700 thousands of Palestinians who have suffered tremendous suffering, were expelled, killed, and not even a few women were raped by this Zionist group.

To this day, millions of descendants of expelled Palestinians in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip want to return to Palestine and fight for Palestinian independence. And to this day too, the Israeli authorities and supported by extremist Jewish groups continue to use very barbaric and ruthless tactics and approaches to try to seize the entirety of Palestine.

On May 14 in the next few days, the Zionist group and supported by the Israeli authorities will commemorate independence in various ways. Flags bearing the symbol of the Stars of David will be installed and flown everywhere, including in holy places such as the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque a few weeks ago during the month of Ramadan and the closing of the mosque’s doors accompanied by various acts of violence by the Israeli army against the worshipers are ways that are used to condition that the commemoration of independence runs safely and under control.

For Palestinians, the “independence” of Israel May 14 is very painful and therefore the day of expulsion that befell them on May 15 is a day of disaster or Yaum an-Nakbah and is always commemorated by Palestinians by strengthening resistance against Israel.

May 14 and 15 to come will be days that will cause an escalation of conflict.

In this regard, Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) as a large Islamic organization where the main Islamic organizations in Indonesia gather, conveys the following notes:

1. Determination of independence for Israel is a very fatal mistake that has gained legitimacy from Western countries such as Britain and America. The establishment of the state of Israel is clear evidence that an evil state has been established and protected to this day.

These countries bear and bear the big sins, namely political sins, human sins, and legal sins. The international community understands very well that Israel’s protected evil actions have become one of the triggers of global insecurity.

The protecting countries of Israel, especially America, will one day bear their own suffering for the fatal mistakes of their great sins.

2. The point of saturation, global disgust and anger as well as disappointment has begun to peak at what has been done by Israeli Zionism and its protective state. Various forms of reaction and resistance seem to be getting stronger carried out by civil society forces across religions, nations, and civilizations.

The international community and civil society forces are increasingly aware that Israel-Palestine is not a local political event, but a systematic crime event, namely crimes against humanity, crimes against religion, crimes against civilization, crimes against international law committed by the state and protected by the state.  other countries.

The power of global civil society will selontinue to fight in tandem with diplomatic efforts made by many countries, including Indonesia.

3. Yaum an-Nakbah’s warnings are demands for justice, demands for the abolition of apartheid, demands for resistance to various crimes committed by the Palestinian people and nation which must receive broad support, including by the Indonesian nation and government.

The commemoration of Yaum an-Nakbah is a voice for upholding and realizing the independence and sovereignty of the Palestinian people and nation. The government and the Indonesian people still have a debt for the independence of the Palestinian people, which since the Asia-Africa conference was declared in 1955.Therefore, the spirit of Yaum an-Nakbah’s commemoration needs to continue to be given ammunition for Palestinian independence.

4. MUI always appreciates and provides support to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, who has shown seriousness and persistence in defending Palestine and closing off diplomatic relations with Israel. The challenges ahead are getting tougher, among others, in Indonesia itself, it seems that pro-Israeli groups continue to move to weaken the defense of Palestine. MUI together with Islamic organizations and other civil society forces can play a distinctive role in providing a way to deal with this pro-Zionism group.

5. To all Muslims, in accordance with the recent Tausiyah Lebaran MUI, it is called upon to say the Qunut Nazilah prayer when performing prayers for a long time. This Qunut is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad which was carried out when the condition of the ummah was very critical such as fear (al-Khouf), famine (Qahth), plague (Waba’), pests (Jaraad), teraniyaya (Madhlum). With this Qunut prayer, it is hoped that Muslims will unite, not fight, so that they are able to overcome enemies of humanity, enemies of religion and enemies of civilization. All administrators of mosques and prayer rooms, leaders of all Islamic organizations, Taklim assemblies, Islamic educational institutions are expected to participate in conveying this call to encourage reading the Qunut Nazilah prayer.  (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)