B2B Halal Products of Indonesia-Malaysia Held in Bandung

(Photo: Abdullah / MINA)

Bandung, MINA – International Islamic Marketing and Trade Council (DPPIA) or also known as the World Islamic Marketing and Trade Chamber (WIMTC), in collaboration with the Penang International Halal Hub (PIHH), Geo Artha, and the City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Bandung holds a B2B (Business to Business) Meeting of Malaysia-Indonesia Leading Halal Products.

B2B meeting and exhibition of superior halal products, which was attended by representatives of the private sector from the two countries held at Graha Kadin, Bandung, West Java, on Tuesday.

The meeting was also attended by more than 100 participants consisting of government officials, business leaders, importers, traders, and company owners, who stressed attention to the development of the halal industry in Indonesia, especially Bandung, West Java, and trade between Malaysia and Indonesia.

The General Manager of the Penang International Halal Hub (PIHH) Mohamad Firhan bin Mohamed who represented the Penang Island Provincial Government of Malaysia said the business meeting was the beginning of cooperation with the two countries to strengthen trade relations in terms of superior halal products owned by Muslim companies.

“This meeting is in line with the initiative of the government (Penang) in developing and expanding the market for Malaysian halal products with Indonesia. We can take advantage of this network between the two parties, “said Firhan when delivering remarks in the opening ceremony.

He said various programs after the meeting were held in the form of B2B meetings like this would be continued and his party was preparing to hold an international halal conference which would be held the 11th time on the island of Penang.

“Indonesia is the closest partner to advance superior halal products that are able to compete in the global market. This is the right time to work together in building the best halal industry for the global community, ” he said.

The Deputy Chairman of Bandung City Chamber of Commerce, Elvin Sinaga, said that his party gave the highest appreciation for the holding of B2B which was held the first time in Bandung and the second time in Indonesia.

As a state partner, he continued Kadin seeks to encourage entrepreneurs and the local MSME community to accelerate the products it produces can compete in the global market.

According to Elvin, through today’s activity can open new insights to open networks to market superior halal products to be able to enter the global market

“Kadin has the responsibility and obligation to bring its members to earn income in accordance with their respective fields, both in industry, trade, information exchange, and mutual visits. In this way, we show to other countries, Indonesia and Malaysia can do their best, ” he added.

DPPIA-WIMTC Malaysia President Zuber Bin Hj Bakri said the B2B implementation presented 10 Muslim-owned companies that produced superior halal products from three regions in Malaysia, namely Negeri Sembilan, Penang, and Selangor.

He explained this meeting aimed to create opportunities to establish relationships and improve trade partnerships and promote Malaysia’s superior halal products to the Indonesian market, especially West Java where Bandung is the capital.

“Bandung is one area that strongly supports the development of halal products,” concluded Zuber.

According to him, the main focus of his party is to expand the trade of quality Muslim halal products owned by Muslim entrepreneurs to the global market.

“This platform is not for trading to advance Malaysia but to help promote Indonesian trade,” Zuber added.

DPPIA-WIMTC is an NGO specializing in international marketing and trade with a focus on fighting for and expanding the Halal industry of Malaysia and other Muslim countries to the world market.

Malaysia’s DPPIA itself has marketed and promoted superior halal products from Muslim entrepreneurs in Malaysia and other countries internationally entering European markets such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, to Canada, Korea, Kuwait, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)