At the UNGA, Indonesia Stand Firm in Solidarity with Palestine

At the UNGA, Indonesia Stand Firm in Solidarity with Palestine (photo: Kemlu RI)

New York, MINA – Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi speaks at the 77th UN General Assembly in New York, United States, Monday (26/9). In her speech, she emphasized that Indonesia will together with Palestine in struggle for its independence.

“For too long, people in Palestine have suffered and longed for peace,” Retno said in her speech.

The Indonesian Foreign Minister emphasized that until Palestine could truly become an independent state, Indonesia would stand firm in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Apart from Palestine, in the high-level debate session, Retno also spoke about the issue of Afghanistan.

The Indonesian Foreign Minister said that people in Afghanistan also have the right to a peaceful and prosperous life with the rights of all people, including women, being equally respected.

In addition, access to education for Afghan women and girls must be provided.

At the beginning of her speech, the Indonesian Foreign Minister called for the need for a world order based on a new paradigm.

“Indonesia offers a world order based on a new paradigm. Win-win paradigm, not zero-sum. Paradigm embrace, not influence (containment). The paradigm of collaboration, not competition. This is the transformative solution we need,” she explained.

She regrets, the current conditions are very worrying: a prolonged pandemic, the world economy is still dark, war is no longer a possibility, but a reality, and violations of international law that have become the norm for the benefit of some. Crisis came one after another, from food, energy, to climate change.

“The world should be united to overcome it, but unfortunately, the world is divided, making it difficult for us to try to overcome this condition,”she said.

According to her, the new paradigm is important for several reasons, one of which is to rekindle the spirit of peace.

Lack of trust between countries fuels hatred and fear, which can lead to conflict. This is happening in various parts of the world. For that, the lack of trust must be turned into strategic trust.

“This must begin with respect for international law. The principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity is non-negotiable. These principles must always be upheld. Solving problems peacefully must be the only solution for every conflict,” said Retno. (L/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)