As One Hundred Tons of Gas Enter Gaza

Several Gas Trucks enter Gaza Strip (source: special)

Gaza, MINA – Member of the Gaza Employers’ Association Nur Al-Khazandar agreed on Sunday, as much as 100 tons of gas were allowed into Gaza for public services through the Karem Abu Salim crossing.

Al-Khazandar said for two days in January, only 100 tons of gas were allowed by Israel to enter Gaza on Sunday.

The Petroleum Committee will discuss gas for important service sectors, such as bakeries, hospitals, and preparations for emergencies, PIC reported.

According to him, Gaza requires 320 tons of gas per shipment, especially in winter at this time, while supplies in the market are not sufficient for the needs of Gazans.

Al-Khazandar announced the gas crisis since the end of August 2018, when gas was entered from Egypt.

The new crisis phenomenon can be seen with the distribution of money from the authorities and circulation of money in the hands of citizens. However, there is no gas supply other than from Egypt or Israel, which causes empty gas cylinders to be filled.

There was no gas coming from Egypt, the reason the Egyptian side requested an additional around US$ 170 for the price of 1 ton that could not ask for permission of Gaza oil.

Gaza authorities reject the additional price per ton of Egyptian gas, because it will increase the selling price up to 62 shekels from the previous 54 shekels, the figure is very high amid financial difficulties that require citizens.

Along with the absence of gas from Egypt, there is also no Israeli gas that causes the weather and waves to rise, so ships carrying gas cannot lean on Ashdod and Haifa Ports, which increase gas emissions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. (T/R6/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)