As Many as 188 Indonesian Workers Abroad Face Death Penalty

Jakarta, MINA – Director of Indonesian Citizen Protection (WNI) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu) RI, Muhammad Iqbal said, there are 188 citizens in several countries facing death penalty currently being handled by the government.

“There are 188 Indonesian workers, 148 of them are in Malaysia, 20 in Saudi Arabia, 11 in China, 4 in UAE, 2 in Singapore, 2 in Laos and 1 in Iran,” Iqbal explained at a press briefing of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta , Monday (19/3).

He stated, the total number of Indonesian workers who are facing death penalty from 2011 to 2018 recorded as many as 583 cases. The calculation is based on the new Indonesian Citizen Handling System since 2011.

“From that period, the government has released 392 cases, and 3 others were executed. All the three citizens were all executed in Saudi Arabia,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Main Secretary of Protection Agency and the Indonesian Manpower Placement (BNP2TKI) Hermono explained, Indonesian citizens who get the death penalty are mostly in Malaysia. Most of them are accused of drug trafficking, while in Saudi Arabia, they were accused of murder.

“So far, we have tried maximally both in terms of law and non-legal channels to free our citizens who are facing death penalty. Each country has its own specificity in handling the case, “he said.

Hermono added, all opportunities are always strived for the liberation of the Indonesian citizens, at least those who get caught in the death penalty can be alleviated their punishment. (L/P2/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)