As 20 Thousands of Quran’s Memorizers Live in Gaza

As 20 Thousand of Quran's Memorizers Live in Gaza (photo: Doc / Palinfo)

Gaza, MINA – General Chairman of Daarul Quran Al-Karim, Mahmud Khas said the number of memorizers (hufadz) of Al-Quran in Gaza currently reaches 20 thousand people, 140 of them completed their “tasmi” “in one trial with an error of only 10.

Meanwhile, according to Palestinian Information Center (Palinfo) report quoted by MINA on Saturday, September 14, there were more than 2,226 halaqah tahfidz Al-Quran with 22 thousand participants divided in more than 1,043 Tahfidz Al-Quran Centers in all districts in Gaza.

There are also Al-Quran and Sunnah tahfidz programs for the visually impaired and deaf with 420 participants who learn Al-Quran using braile letters and helper applications.

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He hinted the most important program launched by Daarul Quran every year is the Asy-Shafi program, memorizing Al-Quran for two years, halaqah program for three years, and a number of scientific and fiqhiyah daurah (training) programs with a total of 1449 training.

Another phenomenal program of Daarul Quran is Digital Muqroah, with computers and internet to teach Al-Quran remotely outside Gaza. This program has been attended by 260 students from 30 countries in the world.

Meanwhile, in the near future, it is hoped that one memorization of Al-Quran in every house in Gaza will be realized.

“That dream will come true. We are near the goal, one hafidz house in Gaza to form a special generation of Quran that acts accordance with the Book of Allah and Sunnah of His Prophet Muhammad Shallahu alayhi wasallam, “said Mahmud. (T/Sj)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)