Arab Parliament Adopts Internationalization of Palestinian Prisoners Issue

Cairo, MINA – The Arab Parliament on Wednesday adopted the internationalization of the issue of Palestinian prisoners, as they are prisoners of freedom and independence, sending an urgent appeal to the international community to convene an international conference to discuss the issue of Palestinian prisoners and their rights, Wafa reported.

At the conclusion of the work of the third session of the second session of the third legislative term of the Arab Parliament, headed by the Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Adel Al-Asumi, the Parliament called on the United Nations, the Red Cross and human rights and humanitarian organizations to form a fact-finding committee to visit Israeli prisons, and to identify the violations that Palestinian prisoners and detainees are subjected to, including the female prisoners.

Al-Asumi expressed his appreciation for the report announced by Amnesty International, which affirmed that “what Israel is doing against the Palestinians is a war crime against humanity, and Israel should be held accountable for the crime of apartheid, and that the Israeli regime is a regime of oppression and apartheid.” Wafa reported.

He welcomed the Palestinian national calls to start a comprehensive national dialogue, calling on all factions to take the real practical step to translate this call into reality.

The Arab Parliament supports the role of the Arab Republic of Egypt to achieve reconciliation, as well as the efforts made by the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria and the initiative of President Abdel Majid Tebboune called on the Palestinian factions ahead of the Arab summit for dialogue and the formulation of a formula for ending the division in the Palestinian.

The Arab Parliament also welcomed the decision taken by the African Summit held in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa on February 6, to freeze the membership of the occupying force (Israel) as an observer to the African Union.

The Arab Parliament also renewed its call to Arab officials and the Arab media not to use the term “Israeli settlements” and to use the term “colonial settlements” as a substitute for it. It also calls for the development of a media plan to expose Israeli crimes and settler crimes and support the rights of the Palestinian people. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)