Ar-Raniry University Frees Tuition for Students of Covid-19 Victim

Students of Ar-Raniry UIN (photo special)

Banda Aceh, MINA – Ar-Raniry State Islamic University (UIN) Banda Aceh has determined to release and alleviate Single Fair Tuition (UKTB) to students who have a direct impact on the Covid-19 pandemic.

The policy was conveyed by the Rector of UIN Ar-Raniry, Prof. Dr. H. Warul Walidin AK, MA on Wednesday to students of UIN Ar-Raniry.

The university will provide various reliefs in order to support the continuation of education during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“To students of UIN Ar-Raniry, they will be given tuition waivers in accordance with the impact experienced, ranging from waivers from the previous UKT to be released 100% according to their respective criteria,” he said.

The Chancellor revealed for students whose parents died because of Covid-19, the UKT is freed up to 100%. For students whose parents are sick because of Covid-19 there will be a 30% UKT reduction from the previous UKT.

For this request, it can be proven by a certificate from the hospital or Provincial and / or Regency Covid-19 Task Force.

Furthermore, students who only need to complete their thesis are given a UKT reduction of 20% from the previous UKT, as evidenced by attaching the SK Guidance and KRS for the current semester.

For students whose parents or guardians meet other criteria such as death, termination of employment, business loss or bankruptcy, closure of the place of business.

They are seriously ill or decrease their income significantly at least 25% of their income before Covid-19, then they are given a 10% UKT reduction from the previous semester’s UKT.

The leadership of UIN Ar-Raniry has determined the decree based on input from various parties and policies in providing relief for the community, especially students of Ar-Raniry UIN.

“Hopefully, even in pandemic conditions, the education process can go well,” said Warul. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)