AGPS: 3.379 Palestinian Refugees Killed In Syiria

Damascus, 1 Safar 1438/1 November 2016 (MINA) РThe Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) kept record of the death of 3,379 Palestinian refugees in war-torn Syria due to ceaseless shelling, the blockade, and torture in regime jails.

According to AGPS data, onslaughts via explosive barrels and missiles took away the lives of 1,923 Palestinian refugees.

At the same time, 453 Palestinian refugees were tortured to death in Syrian regime lock-ups, the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) reported.

Over 12,000 Palestinian civilians taking shelter in Khan Al-Shih Camp have raised concerns over the attempts by the Syrian regime militias to break into the area and grab hold of the camp.

The refugees sounded distress signals over the dire living conditions they have been made to endure in the arm-free camp.

They also called for lifting the siege and allowing a safe passage for humanitarian and relief convoys out of and into the camp.

The displaced Palestinians further urged the UN to take up its responsibility and to seriously work on lifting the tough siege and to ensure that no human rights violations occur in the camp.(T/P008/R03)


Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)