Aa Gym: Five Characteristics of Muslims when Facing New Normal

Aa Gym

Jakarta, MINA – The founder of Daarut Tauhiid Islamic Boarding School, Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa Gym), said that there are five characteristics of Muslims when facing a new normal. First is to believe in God.

“This is what we must have, because this plague is a sign of the greatness of Allah. What can not be denied by anyone that the world and everything in its full submission to God,”‘ said Aa Gym in the Qolbu Pagi Management Study on Monday, as quoted from Republika.

The second is characteristic of fidelity. Aa Gym invites that when facing a new normal people can be humble human beings, no sense of arrogant, feel great because humans are helpless.

“Third, by working together, so with the solidarity of various parties, we can undergo new normal properly,” said Aa Gym.

Fourth is normal with caring. Aa Gym explained that had happened. Evidenced by the people who care about the struggle of doctors, with relatives who are starving, with security officers who guard (police, military and various state officials).

“Now is the new age, the age of caring, sensitivity of the heart, even to the whole environment,” said Aa Gym.

The last is absolute in the Islamic era, because according to Aa Gym, without discipline, humans will make disasters and problems. Like discipline in worship.

Aa Gym mentions the lack of discipline in worship is disastrous. Likewise with discipline in the health protocol by keeping a distance, wearing a mask, and happy to live clean.

If not disciplined, then humans will not get anything but losses.

“By living with faith, sincerity, with cohesiveness, care, and discipline, hopefully, a new normal life will be more blessing,” said the preacher from Bandung. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)