A Gunman Kills 3 on Dutch Tram, Police Arrest Turkey-Born

Police and medical officers evacuated victims of the shooting on the Utrech tram, the Netherlands, Monday, March 18 2019. (Photo: doc. Nahar Net)

Utrech, MINA – A gunman killed 3 people and wounded 9 on a tram  Dutch city of Utrecht on Monday.

Dutch police on Monday night arrested a Turkish-born suspect over a possible terror attack on a tram in the city of Utrecht that killed three people dead and wounded five others.

Utrech Mayor Jan van Zanen said, “terror motives” were the most likely theory, Nahar Net reported, quoted by MINA.

Previously, Police fully armed with sniffer dogs immediately hunted into an apartment building near the location of the shooting.

The authorities immediately increased the terror alert for the area to the maximum level.

Dutch military police are on extra alert at Dutch airports and in the main buildings in the country when the Utrecht hunt takes place.

Hours after the shooting, Utrecht police released a photo of a 37-year-old Turkish-born man they said was “related to the incident.”

The photo shows a bearded man on a tram, wearing a dark blue hooded top.

Police warned residents not to approach the man, whom they identified as Gokmen Tanis. But if you see it, you should immediately contact the authorities.

Utrecht’s attack took place three days after 50 people were killed in a shooting in two Christchurh mosques, New Zealand, by a white nationalist who hated immigrants. There is no direct indication of the relationship between the two events. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agrency (MINA)