A Global Body Calls on International Community to Save Gaza

Gaza, MINA – The International People’s Committee for Supporting Gaza called on the international community to save Gaza in light of the continuing Israeli aggression and blockade and the spread of Coronavirus.

It came in a statement by Issam Yusef, head of the commission (based in the British capital, London). Thus quoted from Quds Press on Saturday.

Youssef said “The international community must assume its responsibilities towards saving human life in the Gaza Strip, with the continuation of the Israeli aggression and blockade, and the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic in light of an exhausted health condition.”

He added that “what is most concerned about the matter is the continuation of the Israeli aggression on the Strip, imposing the siege for the fourteenth year in a row, and depriving its residents of the basics of normal life.”

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Yousef called on charitable organizations that support the Palestinian people to “expedite the organization of urgent relief campaigns for the health sector in Gaza, in addition to providing food aid and parcels for poor families.”

Earlier Friday, Nikolay Mladenov, the coordinator of the Middle East settlement process, expressed his concern about an imminent escalation in the Gaza Strip.

Mladenov said, “The security situation in Gaza and its environs is deteriorating rapidly, at a time when the Gaza Strip is witnessing a rapid increase in cases of coronavirus among the population.”

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the total number of injuries in the Strip since last March reached 192, including 3 deaths, and 72 recovered. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)