WPF Warns of Rising Poverty of Yemeni People

Shana, MINA – The United Nations World Food Program (WPF) warns of increasing poverty of the Yemeni people amid continued fighting in the war-torn country.

“Currency, depreciation and rising food prices have pushed many people in Yemen into extreme poverty,” the WFP said in a statement ass reported by MEMO on Sunday.

“Hunger is increasing, making many people dependent on food aid,” he added.

The humanitarian situation in Yemen has been exacerbated by the depreciation of the local currency, which will reach more than 1,200 riyals against the US dollar in 2022.

Prior to the outbreak of the Yemen conflict in 2014, the dollar was priced at 215 Yemeni riyals in the local market.

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According to data from the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 11 million people in Yemen will end up closer to starvation due to a lack of funds for life-saving activities. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)