World Islamic Marketing and Trade Chamber, MINA Signs MoU in Promoting Halal Products

Jakarta, MINA – Malaysian NGO World Islamic Marketing and Trade Chamber (WIMTC) signed a cooperation agreement with MINA (Mi’raj News Agency) in promotion and marketing of halal products made by Muslim entrepreneurs.

The MoU between WIMTC and MINA is signed by MINA’ CEO Shafril Lubis and President of WIMTC Zuraini binti Hasanuddin witnessed by Malaysian trade commissioners Har Man Ahmad , First Secretary of Trade Function Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta, Amirul Azman Ahmad, Vice President Zuber bin HJ. Bakri DPPIA-WIMTC, MINA’s Editor in Chief Ismet Rauf, Corporate Secretary Widi Kusnadi, and Chief Reporter Rana Setiawan.

“We hope that this collaboration can expand the marketing campaign for halal products made by Muslims throughout the world. We are trying to improve economic power by promoting products from companies owned by Muslim entrepreneurs, “Zuaraini said, on the sidelines of the signing at the Jakarta MATRADE Office on Tuesday, March 5th.

According to Zuaraini, Halal has become a lifestyle with healthy and quality attributes. Halal does not only apply to food but also cosmetics, toiletries, herbal pharmaceutical products, health care, tourism, medical, financial services, supermarkets and warehouses.

MINA’s CEO Shafril Lubis explained, MINA as the Islamic news agency supports Muslim entrepreneurs who produce halal products to enter into global market.

“One of the focuses of our news (MINA) in halal developments is to enhance marketing and trading of halal products made by Muslims into global market,” Shafril said.

MINA is an online news agency published into three languages; Arabic, English and Indonesia, so it can be accessed throughout the world. The vision of MINA is spreading dakwah of Islam as the mercy fot universe.

WIMTC also cooperates with world halal institutions such as the UAE-OIC Gulf Halal Council, NBI Netherlands International, and Korea Halal Expo in seeking halal products from Muslim to be marketed throughout the world. (L R01/P2)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)