Wisdom of Isra Miraj and Prayer in the Midst of Coronavirus Outbreak

Wisdom of Isra Miraj and Prayer in the Midst of Coronavirus Outbreak

Allah subhanahu-wa-taala taught prayers when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alaihi wassalam performed Isra Miraj. General Secretary of the Central Executive Board (PP) of Muhammadiyah, Abdul Mu’ti explained the wisdom of Isra Miraj and prayer in the midst of the coronavirus or Covid-19 epidemic.

Mu’ti explained prayer provides power. It can be understood from the context of Isra Miraj when the Prophet Muhammad received the revelation of prayer. In the midst of the successive trials, Allah teaches prayer as a formula for how to survive. In Surah Al-Baqarah Verse 153, Allah says, “O believers, ask Allah for help patiently and pray. Truly Allah is with those who are patient”.

“The link between prayer and fortitude can be understood from verses 155-157. In these verses it is explained that Allah tests humans with various trials such as fear, hunger, and death. For those who are patient, various calamities are tests that open the door to awareness of  the essence of life, it is great to paraning together, and the spirit to achieve happiness, ” said Mu’ti as quoted from Republika on Monday, March 23.

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He said there are many successful and inspiring role models who are living in the midst of waves, hurricanes and difficulties. Those who keep prayers are always optimistic that Allah will extend His hand to anyone who asks for help.

Prayer also fosters social solidarity. The perfection of prayer does not lie solely in the fulfillment of requirements and pillars or sharia law, but in the actualization of social and personal personality. In Surah Al-Maun Verses 1-7, Allah denounced those whose prayers were only pretending and ignored orphans and were reluctant to share food with the poor.

Mu’ti added that prayer forms a strong personality, doesn’t complain much and gives up when facing problems. “The closeness of those who consistently perform their prayers is manifested in a gesture of generosity, providing help to those who are in the midst of hardship,” he said.

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Surah Al-Maarij Verses 19-25 convey that in fact human beings are creatures who like to complain. If they’re having a hard time they are complaining. If they get pleasure they are miser. Except for those who always uphold the prayer. Namely, those who are steadfast in prayer. Set aside a portion of his property. For the poor who beg and maintain their self-respect.

Mu’ti said this year Muslims celebrated Isra Miraj amid the corona outbreak. The Covid-19 virus has become a pandemic throughout the world and caused tremendous mass fear.

“Thousands of people have died including our brothers and sisters in Indonesia. Isolation and restrictions on mobility make some people lose their livelihoods and decrease their income. This is a test of brotherhood,” he explained.

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Mu’ti reminded that corona is a test of unity. Instead of providing help, some groups are precisely immersed in debates in the past that are obsolete and should be abandoned.

The jabariah and qadariah debates which divided the people did not need to be uploaded. Some people ignited the machinations of corona as ammunition to attack political opponents. Take the opportunity in narrowness.

He stressed it should be in the midst of a corona outbreak, it’s time to prove the quality of faith and prayer.

“We close social prayer, congregate to help others, and work together to deal with the problem of corona and various social problems around us. Let’s pray, let’s win with unity and brotherhood,” he said. (T/RE1)

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