Week 23 Demonstrations of Israelis: It’s Time to Remove Netanyahu

Tel Aviv, MINA – Entering the 23rd week in a row on Saturday night, a demonstration by Israeli citizens against the government of Benjamin Netanyahu carried the slogan “It’s time to remove PM Benjamin Netanyahu”.

Tens of thousands of people in downtown Tel Aviv took to the streets in the days before the election for a committee to appoint judges, Quds Press reported.

Mass actions by Israeli citizens were also seen on the streets of Haifa, Hadera, Beersheba, Ashdod and Eilat, and dozens of other locations.

Large banners unfurled on Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv read “It’s time to overthrow the dictator” and “Shame on government”.

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Protest organizers announced the message of the demonstration this time blocks the date for Wednesday’s vote for Knesset representatives on the Committee on Judge Appointments.

In Caesarea, thousands of people demonstrated in front of the hotel where Netanyahu met Justice Minister Yarliv Levin.

For the 23rd week in a row, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have demonstrated against the planned “judicial reforms” that the Netanyahu government wants to implement.

On March 27, Netanyahu announced the suspension of plans to allow dialogue a chance, after an intensification of protests and the start of a general strike, and rising tensions within the ruling coalition.

Demonstrators protested, demanding that the plan be scrapped completely. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)