Various Competitions to Enliven 2018 National Santri Day

Aceh Selatan, MINA – Various competitions will enliven the National Santri Day on October 22, in Dayah, South Aceh district, Aceh province,

The competitions included the Koran Musabaqah (recital), the recitation of adhan or call of prayer, and memorization of the short Quranic chapters which were followed by the entire majelis talim or a place to learn the Koran in South Aceh. These activities are held at the City of Fajar starting on 16 October 2018.

“There are also Jawi Arabic contests in Yamin Bakongan Ashabul Daylah on October 13, qiratil kutub (read classic books called yellow books) in Darul Huda Sawang Dayah,” said South Aceh Dayah Education Head, Yahya Azmar, Saturday (10/20) .

He added, at the peak of the National Santri Day commemoration, the office  also invited as many as 86 Islamic boarding schools and 1,000 Islamic religious students in the district of South Aceh, at Rumoh Agam Hall, Tapak Tuan.

He explained, National Santri Day 22 October 2018 is a very proud day for the Dayah and Islamic students (Santri). This National Santri Day is established  by Indonesian President with Presidential Decree Number 22 of 2015.

National Santri Day is also a form of recognition by the Central Government for the existence of Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) and Islamic students (Santri) in this country.

“Thank God, we hear that the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia has produced a bill on Islamic boarding schools and decided at the House of Representatives Meeting on 16 October 2018, one of which is a pesantren diploma equivalent to a public school diploma. “Hopefully, Dayah and Santri will be more dignified and great especially in South Aceh,” Azmar concluded. (T/Sj/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)