US New York City Flooded

Photo: CNN

New York, MINA – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency following widespread flooding across the city caused by Hurricane Ida on Wednesday evening local time.

The state of emergency was decided following government concerns about the danger to residents on city streets, Republika reported.

The Mayor of New York has urged the public not to leave their homes due to the uncertain weather and disasters caused by Hurricane Ida.

“Please don’t get off the streets tonight and let our first responders and emergency services finish their job. If you’re thinking of going outside, don’t. Stay away from subways. Stay off roads. Don’t drive onto heavy roads. Stay inside,” he said in twitter.


Nearly all of New York’s subway lines were suspended on Wednesday night due to flooding. Photos on social media showed water pooling over the subway platform. “Subway services will operate on a very limited basis,” the Metropolitan Transit Authority said.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) acting chairman and CEO Janno Lieber said first responders had evacuated people from the subway.

Tropical Storm Ida sent heavy rains and the threat of flash floods to tornadoes to the northern mid-Atlantic.

Local authorities appealed on their official Twitter that all non-emergency vehicles are prohibited from crossing or on the streets of New York City until Thursday at 05.00 local time. At least five flash flood emergencies were issued Wednesday night by the National Weather Service starting west of Philadelphia through northern New Jersey.

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Earlier in the evening, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy also declared a state of emergency in response to Ida. The damage from Hurricane Ida shocked officials three days after a powerful storm hit southern Louisiana.

Many cities were destroyed by raging strong winds and heavy rains that caused massive flooding. Tornadoes generated by the storm tore through parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. At least nine homes were destroyed in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, Philadelphia television station NBC10 reported.

New Jersey’s Newark Liberty Airport said on Twitter that the airport was experiencing severe flooding. The airport will only carry out limited flight operations near midnight after all flight activity was suspended on Wednesday night. (T/RE1)

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