Until July 2019, 350 Thousand People Visit Tsunami Museum in Aceh

Banda Aceh, MINA – More than 350,000 people have visited The Aceh Tsunami Museum until July 2019. It is estimated that the number will continue to increase until the end of 2019.

“The number of visitors always goes up almost every year. This year there are more than 350 thousand people of our data until July, “said the Head of the Aceh Tsunami Museum, Hafnidar in Banda Aceh on Friday, August 23.

He explained that most visitors usually visit the tsunami museum during school holidays, year-end, national holidays, and Eid celebrations. Most visitors are local Acehnese citizens.

“In 2018, our visitors reached 740,000 people. Acehnese local visitors are high, if foreign tourists from Malaysia are high, then Japan, China, France, the Netherlands are also present but not high, “he said.

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Furthermore, Afnidar mentioned that the Aceh tsunami museum is open daily for visitors and never closes on any holiday to fulfill the wishes of tourists who want to visit the museum.

“Every day we open, national holidays also, it’s just that our first Eid day is closed. So we really want to provide maximum service, “he said.

The Aceh Tsunami Museum was built in 2007, with the aim of educating the public about disaster and disaster mitigation sites. This museum can also be used by young people to make any positive activities.

“This museum is for education, in the future, the hope is that this museum can really be used as a place of learning, especially about the disaster, for the younger generation also to do anything positive here,” he said. (TL/Sj/P2)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)