Turkey Condemns Germany Police Armed to Raid on Mosque

Photo: Courtesy

Ankara, MINA – Turkey on Thursday strongly condemned the raids on a mosque in Berlin by German police.

“Bad actions in the capital of a country that tries to lecture others about freedom of expression and belief also provoke thought,” said a foreign ministry statement as quoted from Anadolu Agency.

“This raid is not only against the community at the Mevlana mosque, it is also an act against all Muslim communities, and it is incomprehensible,” the statement continued.

They urged the German government to recognize that the Muslim community is an integral part of Germany and stop excluding them and marginalize them. Currently, the Muslim population in Germany reaches nearly five million.

Earlier, German police raided the Mevlana Mosque on Wednesday, due to a financial investigation when the community gathered for Fajr prayers. About 150 policemen entered the mosque with their boots on. The Turkish Foreign Ministry called these actions unforgivable. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)