TikTok Delete Palestinian News Network

Al-Quds, MINA – The social media platform from China, TikTok, which is based in the United States, deleted the Palestinian news network’s accounts that often carry videos about Israeli violations against Palestine, and calls to Arab countries do not normalize diplomatic relations with Israel.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency on Saturday, Hamza co-Brancheki, who manages the TikTok account of the Palestinian news organization “Jerusalem News Network”, said social media platform TikTok deleted his organization’s account without giving any warning.

Branch said the deleted account often shared information about the Palestinian issue, Israeli violations against Palestine, and the normalization of the Israeli-Arab state.


The account has 50,000 followers and has published 1,200 videos. Before being deleted, Hamza said the video had 7 million views and 350 thousand likes.

Hamza asked TikTok management to return the organization’s account. “If TikTok does not stop its steps, it will be included in the list of social media applications that declare war on Palestine and support Israel,” he said.

“Palestinians see TikTok as a social media application from China based in the United States that is evading restrictions imposed by the US authorities,” he said.

]yad er-Rifai, director of a center called “Sada Social”, which was established to defend the rights of Palestinian social media users, said Palestinians see the TikTok social media app as an escape from restrictions on various Palestinian content imposed by other social media-based apps in the US.

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Rıfai added that the deletion of this account is a new stage for all Palestinian content shared in the application.

The Palestinian news organization “Jerusalem News Network” is based in the West Bank and Gaza, led by a group of young Palestinian journalists. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)