This is How Danone SN Indonesia Protects Employees During Pandemic

Jakarta, MINA – Various measures have been put in place by the company leaders to support employees and business partners in fulfilling consumers’ demand during this pandemic. Danone Specialized Nutrition (SN) Indonesia uses different ways; from implementing even stricter employee health and safety protocol, utilize long-distance communication approach, as well as motivating employees in their homes and respective working fields.

“During this difficult time, we all have to work hand-in-hand to provide consumers with the nutrition products they need including milk for mother and children. However, we also have to implement a strict working protocol to protect the health of our employees,” explained Arif Mujahidin, Corporate Communication Director Danone Indonesia, reached through a phone interview, Thrusday.

Following the government’s direction, we have been implementing Work From Home (WFH) arrangement since March 17, 2020, to help minimizing the spread of COVID-19, Arif added. Within our production line, extra measures are taken place through work segregation, carefully asses the health and quantity of people coming into the facilities, as well as heightened protocols on distribution chain and marketing. Our field team has been using digital-based communication tools to closely coordinate with business partners without having to draw close contacts meetings.

“On top of that, in the spirit of sending our gratitude and giving motivation to medical workers, Danone SN Indonesia distributed digital message to deliver appreciation to health experts and medical workers who are in the frontline in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic impact. For us, they are the unsung heroes who protect our health and the future of Indonesia, especially mothers and children,” Arif continued.

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Danone SN Indonesia Leaders have been consistently motivating employees through regular communication to monitor employees’ health and safety in working. On top of the formal messages, said Arif, the company leaders also managed a lightweight motivation by singing “Rumah Kita by Godbless” that was separately recorded from their phones and sent out through internal digital channel.

Together, Danone in Indonesia has committed to donate Rp 15 billion in various forms to jointly overcome the COVID -19 outbreak. Assistance is carried out through cooperation with various parties in various forms in the form of goods needed and funds.

We hope we can continue our contribution amidst this challenging period to ensure our consumers can still obtain nutritious products that are essentials in supporting the fulfillment of their daily nutritional needs.

Simultaneously, Danone in Indonesia has committed to donate 15 billion Rupiah to contribute to the COVID-19 prevention and eradication. This support is done through various partnerships in the form of products as well as direct donation.(R/R1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)