The Letter of Prophet Muhammad to King of Roman

After the sixth year of Hijriyah, the Prophet Muhammad SAW wrote a number of letters to the kings. The goal is to invite them to convert to Islam and obey Allah.

In a book entitled “The Life of the Great Messenger Muhammad SAW” written by Sheikh Shafiyyurrahman Al-Mubarakfuri stated when Prophet Muhammad wanted to write letters to the kings, it was reported that the kings did not want to receive letters unless they were given a stamp.

Thus, he made a silver stamp that read: “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”. The paper consists of three lines, Muhammad is one line, the Messenger is in line and Allah is in line.

Then, some friends who had knowledge and experience were chosen by the Prophet to be made a messenger to the kings. The great cleric, Al Manshurfuri, said that the Prophet sent some of the envoys at the beginning of the month of Muharram, in the seventh year of Hijriyah.

Among the letters were, letters addressed to the Roman King, Heraclius. Imam Bukhari in Sahih Bukhari narrated the text of the letter to Heraclius. The letter reads:

On the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

From Muhammad, a servant of Lord and his messenger to Heraclius, Roman ruler. Peace be with those who follow the instructions. Convert to Islam, surely you are safe. Enter Islam, surely Allah will reward you double. If you turn away, you will bear the sins of the Romans.

O People of the Book, let us hold to the same sentence between us, that we do not worship except only to Lord, and do not associate Him with anything and not (also) some of us make others as worshipers other than Allah. If they turn away then tell them. “Behold, we are people who surrender (to Allah).”

The Prophet Muhammad chose Dihyah bin Khalifah al-Kalbi to carry the letter. He was ordered to submit the letter to the ruler of Bushra, so that the ruler of Bushra handed over to Emperor Heraclius.

After receiving the letter, Emperor Heraclius called Abu Sofyan who had not yet embraced Islam to ask about various matters concerning the Prophet Muhammad (to be discussed in the next article).

Furthermore, the Emperor gave a gift to Dihyah as the bearer of a letter for him in the form of money and clothes. (AT/RE1/P2)

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Source: Republika