The Chinese Ship Finally Exits from Indonesian Waters in the North Natuna Sea

Chinese ship (photo: Bakamla RI)

North Natuna Sea, MINA – The Chinese Coast Guard Ship (CGC) 5204 finally moved out from the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) by being escorted of the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) Ship Nipah Island 321 on Monda afternoon after arguing through the radio.

According to a press statement from Bakamla RI, after being in the EEZ Indonesia North Natuna Sea since Saturday, CGC 5204 continues to try to be driven out by KN of Nipah Island 321.

The two ships conducted intensive communication, mutually affirming their position and claims over the sea area.

CGC 5204 is monitored moving north away from Indonesia’s EEZ, KN Pulau Nipah 321 continues to observe with KRI Imam Bonjol 383 who is also carrying out backup patrols behind the Bakamla ship at a distance of 2-3 nm.

The synergy of Bakamla and Indonesian Army/Navy is needed to anticipate the gray area strategy that puts forward non-combatant ships in maritime conflicts.

Bakamla as the leading sector in maritime security in peacetime continues to install bodies, while the Indonesian Navy with its warships are on standby to support when needed.

After CGC 5204 disappeared from view, KN Nipah Island 321 continued patrolling the border area of ​​the Indonesian EEZ in the North Natuna Sea to anticipate and to consistently demonstrate its presence in the area.

KN Nipah Island 321 is one of Bakamla’s patrol vessels that is carrying out the 2020 preventive operation task in the West Maritime Zone of Bakamla RI. (R/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)