Tens of Thousands of Israelis Continue Anti-Government Demonstrations

Photo: special

Tel Aviv, MINA – Tens of thousands of Israelis continued their anti-government demonstrations on Saturday night throughout the country for four consecutive weeks.

Demonstrators carried Israeli flags on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv and chanted “No to dictatorship”, Al Jazeera reported.

The protests were directed primarily against proposed government changes that would undermine the justice system.

According to Justice Minister Yariv Levin’s plans, a majority in parliament will be pressured to pass changes to the law.

According to the opinion of the Supreme Court, the planned changes are seen as violating the Constitution.

Levin also wants to change the composition of the body that appoints judges.

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Big changes could also come to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his current corruption trial, charged with fraud, breach of trust and corruption.

Netanyahu accused the Supreme Court of excessive interference in political decisions.

Some experts have warned of the end of democracy in the country if the plan is implemented.

Netanyahu claims he has a mandate from millions of voters to carry out judicial reforms.

Some of the protesters also criticized the government’s repressive treatment of Palestinians. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)