Taliban Allow Girls Returning to School

Kabul, MINA – The Taliban now ruling Afghanistan will allow girls to return to school when secondary schools reopen next week.

The move was announced after months of uncertainty over whether the Taliban would give girls and women full access to education.

“All schools will be open to all boys and girls,” said Afghan Ministry of Education spokesman Aziz Ahmad Rayan on Friday.

“But there are a number of requirements for girls, that female students will participate in separate teaching and learning activities from male students. Then female students will only be taught by female teachers,” he said.

In some areas of the outskirts of Afghanistan, there is a reported shortage of female teachers.


Therefore, said Rayan, later male teachers who are older will be allowed to teach female students.

“No schools will be closed this year. If there are schools that are closed, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education to open them,” added Rayan.

Allowing girls and women to return to school and attend college is known to have been one of the main demands of the international community against the Taliban since the radical group took power in Afghanistan in August last year.

The United States and its coalition were forced to withdraw from the country including the old government it supported. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)