Taliban Accuse US Violating Peace Agreement

Kabul, MINA – Taliban accuses the United States of violating a peace agreement that includes drone strikes against civilians.

The accusation appeared on Sunday when an agreement with the United States aimed at bringing peace to Afghanistan was near its peak, thus quoted from Al Jazeera.

The offenses assessed included punishing Afghan government for delaying the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners promised in the agreement, according to a Taliban statement.

Taliban says it has limited attacks on Afghan security forces in rural posts and has not attacked international forces or Afghan forces in cities or military installations.

The group warned of more violence if the US and Afghan government continued what they considered a violation of the agreement.


“We seriously ask the Americans to abide by the contents of the agreement and to warn their allies to fully comply with the agreement,” the Taliban statement said.

Taliban also accuses Afghan government of using “indefensible arguments” to explain the repeated delays in releasing 5,000 promised Taliban prisoners in exchange for the release of 1,000 government personnel.

However, the US military in Afghanistan rejected the Taliban claim, saying it had upheld the military requirements of the agreement and the Taliban’s statement was “without merit”.

“USFOR-A is clear – we will defend the ANDSF (Afghan Defense and National Security Forces) partner if we are attacked, in accordance with the agreement,” US-Afghan Forces spokesman Colonel Sonny Leggett said on Twitter. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)