Khalid Al Batsh, One of the Palestinian delegation to indirect talks in Cairo. (photo: mirajnews)
Khalid Al Batsh, One of the Palestinian delegation to indirect talks with Israelis in Cairo. (photo: mirajnews)

Indirect talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis mediated by Egypt in Cairo produced some good deals to be realized now or in the future. It is a historic negotiations due to the biggest battle between the Palestinians against the Israeli occupation since 1948.

In the Battle which took 51 days, and the Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip could survive and the resistance even launched counter-attack against Israeli invaders and made them overwhelmed as well as unable to continue the ground battle .

The war has also dispelled the myth that Israel is not invincible. The 1967 war only took six days and Israel captured the entire Palestine plus Sinai and Golan Heights. But this time, Israel is really made so overwhelmed because of fierce resistance from Palestinian fighters.

In the midst of war, Israel has several times asking for a ceasefire. Palestinian parties represented by some parties demanded the most fundamental livelihood of the people of Gaza and Palestine as a whole.

The opening of the blockade, the expansion of fishing areas up to 12 miles based on International law, making the airport and the harbor are the basic demands of Palestinians. But Israel repeatedly violated both in negotiations and battlefield.

To find out more information about this, Miraj Islamic News Agency reporter (MINA)’s correspondents Nur Ikhwan Abadi and Muqarrabin Al Fikri in Gaza Strip had interviewed directly Khalid Al Batsh, one of the Palestinian delegation who was involved in Cairo talks, Wednesday, 8 Dzulqadah 1435/3 September 2014.

Here the excerpts of the interview:

MINA: Thank you for your willingness to accept and do an interview with us. The Palestinian delegations has held indirect talks in Cairo. Who are they?

Khalid Al Batsh: After 51 days war which has killed many innocent people, damaged homes, destroyed schools, hospitals and places of worship, Cairo (Egypt) proposed a cease-fire, then we went there as Palestinian envoy, consist of Islamic Jihad, Hamas and other Palestinian movements members.

MINA: what points which were demanded by the Palestinians?

Khalid Al Batsh: The deal now are the same with 2012 agreement, those are the ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian resistance movements in Gaza Strip, the commitment to the previous 2012 agreements, opening of all border crossings in Gaza and West Bank, let all humanitarian aid and building materials to enter Gaza for reconstruction of Gaza, the expansion of the fishing areas from 6 miles to 12 nautical miles in accordance with International law.

In addition, we also agreed, that all delegation are going back to Cairo next month to discuss another pending deals. First, the exchange of Palestinian and Zionist Israel prisoners. Second, labor agreements to facilitate the reconciliation government jobs. Third, the cessation of all Israeli atrocities that occurred in West Bank, the arrest of members of parliament and civilians. Fourth, the points that takes time for discussion, the construction of harbor and airport.

Mirajnews correspondents are interviewing Khalid Al Batsh in his office. (photo: mirajnews)
Mirajnews correspondents are interviewing Khalid Al Batsh in his office. (photo: mirajnews)

MINA: Why was the negotiation took time so long. What is the most fundamental problem?

Khalid Al Batsh: Israel applied heavy requirements in ceasefire. The problem lies in the Israelis because they wanted to take advantage of the extension of the ceasefire to continue the attacks on Gaza. We just want a cessation of the war, the the bloodshed.

MINA: What are the Israeli requirements?

Khalid Al Batsh: Israel proposed many requirements since the beginning of negotiations. They asked for disarming Palestinian fighters, and we refused. Then, they asked to stop the development of weapons, and we refused. they asked fighters not to use the weapons in war, and we refused. Finally, they asked us to stop the experiment or  development of any new weapons.

We refused all their demands because it is our right. We are free to do anything in any way to our nation of course under international law. We only protect ourselves from Zionist colonialism.

MINA: Are you sure the negotiations will be successful?

Khalid Al Batsh: As we know that Israel is a colonialist state. The success or failure of the negosiation lies on Israel and Egypt as a mediator. It said a successful talks will be reached when Israel meets Palestinian demands. Otherwise, if they did not fulfill it, that is their victory.

MINA: Are you sure Israel will not betray in this negotiations?

Khalid Al Batsh: Israel would not fulfill their promises, but if the whole countries and Muslims pressure Israel, they will fulfill the agreement. But if Muslims do not care and do not support Palestinians struggle, Israel will betray the agreement and will continue their assaults on Gaza and we are the fighters of Saraya Al-Quds, Hamas Al Qassam Brigades, Fatah Al Aqsa Brigades and other fighters will not allow Israel snatched Gaza from us.

MINA: On Monday and Tuesday, there have been shootings of Gaza fishermen. It means that Israel had violated the truce, what’s your comment?

halid Al Batsh: Of course this is a violation of the ceasefire, with any condition, the Egyptians will note that this is a violation, then Egypt as a mediator must question the Israeli violation of the agreement and shall act against Israel on these violations.

MINA: There is a news that Israel will not send an envoy to Egypt to resume talks, what’s your comment?

Khalid Al Batsh: This is a matter for Egypt, Egyptians holds the initiative. For us, whether Israeli envoy will come or not is not important, because the Egyptians controlled the initiative, we were invited in these negotiations and we would come.

MINA: Are you sure the construction of harbor and airport in Gaza will come true?

Khalid Al Batsh: It is Palestinian rights which seized by Israel, as we know that the airport has been built in 1995 and it had been exploited by Arab countries, it is our right to take it back. Israel has destroyed it and we had to return it as originally, the airport is not the responsibility of Islamic Jihad or Hamas, but this is the responsibility of Palestinian unity government to accelerate the re-establishment the both things (harbor and airport).

MINA: When Egypt will invite back Israel and Palestinians to resume negotiations?

Khalid Al Batsh: We have agreed on one-month ceasefire with all its requirements, and Egypt will invite us in an appropriate time. Maybe tomorrow, next week, or whenever. We do not know.

MINA: What is your message for Indonesians?

Khalid Al Batsh: We thank you to our brothers in Indonesia and all institutions of Indonesia, who help and support Palestinians struggle. Indonesia is the largest Islamic country, we still see that Indonesia could help us in every aspects. We are grateful to Indonesians, both government officials and its civilians. We also thank to all Islamic countries who support us for the struggle to liberate the first Qibla, because until now Al Quds is still occupied.

I say to Muslims that your first Qibla is still occupied by Zionist Israel. I also say to Christians that your first place of worship is still colonized, even to Buddha that your neighbors are still colonized. To liberate of Al-Quds, there must be supports from all parties. (L/K01/K03/R03/P3).

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)