Shamsi Ali, Peace Tour to Europe 2020

New York, MINA – Shamsi Ali, President of the Nusantara Foundation is scheduled to conduct peace tour to several countries in Europe in order to introduce Islam that brings peace and blessing to all humanity.

“God willing, from 9 to 24 February 2020 I will travel to several countries and cities in Europe to share knowledge and experiences with Muslim and non-Muslim friends,” Shamsi Ali told MINA in his press statement on Saturday, February 8.

Some countries and cities that will be visited, such as: Frankfurt in Germany, Utrecht in the Netherlands, Brussels and Wiena in Austria, and Belgrade.

The director of the Jamaica Muslim Center said the theme carried in the Safari was “an Indonesian Muslim on Peace Tour to Europe”.

It is an effort to bring Islam further to various parts of the world. Islam as a “mercy” that brings blessing, compassion, peace, and happiness to all humanity in all corners of the world.

“Islam which in Al-Quran is known as” rahmatan lil-alamin ” indeed longed for and awaited by the world. Islam that is not only indeed has noble and peaceful character but it was also conveyed and displayed with noble and peaceful character, ” he said.

He hopes the visit will bring benefits and blessings to Europe and the world in general. As well as increasingly introducing one of the strengths and beauty of the beloved Indonesian nation and state as the world’s largest Muslim country.

“Maybe, what I said above is a big dream. But I am sure there is nothing big without starting from big dreams. And without the first small steps there will be no further big steps,” he concluded.

His trip to Europe was sponsored by the Special Branch of Muhammadiyah Germany, involving all other Indonesian Islamic organizations, including PCNU, PPI, and Muslim Community Association and others.

“Obviously, Indonesian representatives in various European cities also gave their support,” he said.

The safari this time also included several public lectures and open discussions at several European universities. Among them at Bonn Università, Signund Freud University, Giethe Universtat, and several others.

Interfaith dialogue will mainly be held at Hamburg Università Germany. Including a review of the book “Sons of Abraham”, a book I wrote with a Jewish priest in America. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)