Scuba Weh Diver, AWG Raises Palestinian Flag Under Sea

Weh Scuba diver, Suheli with Arif Ramdan while raising the Palestinian and Red and White Flags at the Indonesian Zero Kilometer Underwater Monument, in Sabang, Aceh, Sunday June, 9 2024 [photo: AWG_Scuba Weh]

Sabang, MINA – Professional diver who is a member of the Scuba Weh club, Suheli, expressed his impression of the action of raising the Palestinian and Red and White flags with Aqsa Working Group (AWG) volunteers on Sunday at the Indonesian Zero Kilometer Underwater Monument, Sabang, Aceh .

“I am used to raising the flag on August 17 and have been involved several times. “However, this is the first time raising the Palestinian flag and it was very memorable because I was able to participate in supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people,” said Suheli, who is familiarly called Elly, after raising the flag under the sea.

Elly said that physically she could not directly help the Palestinian people who were being colonized by Zionist Israel.

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“I cannot help Palestine, but I can provide moral support and prayers for the Palestinian people by raising the flag under the sea,” he said.

Apart from Elly, the Scuba Weh team, Ikhsan, who took part in the dive and documented all the stages of the dive, also admitted that this was the first time they had raised the Palestinian flag. He was also involved in raising the Red and White flag every August 17.

Meanwhile, the owner of Scuba Weh, Muslim MB, admitted that he was happy to be involved in this activity. He also provided support for the struggle of the Palestinian people. In particular, he paid attention to Palestinian children.

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“Hopefully, children in Palestine will no longer become victims of Zionist atrocities. Don’t let any more Palestinian children become victims. Stop, enough!” he said.

A number of Acehnese people who are members of various organizations successfully raised the Palestinian flag and the Republic of Indonesia flag at the Indonesian Kilometer Zero Undersea Monument on Sunday.

This activity is to support the struggle of the Palestinian people against Zionist Israel.

The flag raising at the Indonesian Zero Kilometer Underwater Monument was carried out by Arif Ramdan and Sjafrizal, both of whom are Aqsa Working Group (AWG) volunteers accompanied by professional guides from the Scuba diving team Weh, Elly and Ikhsan.

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The preparation process and diving to the seabed of the Zero Kilometer Monument took approximately 2 hours. Two divers succeeded in planting the Palestinian and Red and White flags at two points, including the Underwater Zero Kilometer Monument at a depth of 12 meters from the surface.

The entire series of activities to defend Palestine in Sabang is supported by the MINA News Agency, Mae-C, Ukhuwah Al Fatah Rescue (UAR), Rumah Zakat Aceh, Gen-A, Scuba Weh, Blood For Life Foundation (BFLF), Halal Product Process Assistance Institution ( LPPPH) Mathla’ul Anwar, Sabanginfo, and a number of lecturers at Ar-Raniry State Islamic University (UIN), Banda Aceh. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)