Saudi Arabia Builds Health Facilities on Border with Qatar

photo: Twitter Haramain

Salwa, MINA – Saudi Arabia builds a coronavirus health center on the Salwa border with Qatar. The place is established several health conditions for the entry of Qatari citizens after the Kingdom officially reopened its borders.

Al Arabiyah reports that one of the most prominent conditions related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is a PCR test and three days of home quarantine for a week.The condition makes the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia will place a medical team at the Salwa border with Qatar.

The medical center will examine people from Qatar who enter the Kingdom. Those who entering the border crossing are then expected to sign a commitment to comply with the home quarantine measures.

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The construction of this facility is also a follow-up to the Saudis officially reopening their airspace and land and sea borders to Qatar on the night after the GCC Summit in AlUla was completed. In that event, the Kingdom and three other countries, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain, officially restored relations with Doha after more than three years of boycotts.

The Saudis also confirmed it would lift all travel restrictions and resume international flights from March 31 following a suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic. All land and sea ports will also be reopened allowing the entry and exit of all citizens and residents. (T/RE1)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)